Red Beans + Coconut-Lime Rice

My computer sabotaged International Women’s Day – is it male? I am sharing this delicious recipe presented in a delightful post by lovely Rachel with one caveat: dear Rachel, ALL 365 days are for women, but March 8th is the only day during the year when men realize it. Happy Belated Women’s Day, Beautiful People of Female Persuasion!

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Happy International Women’s Day, my comrades!


Honestly, I did not realize the other 364 days of the year are for men, but I will accept any and all excuses to celebrate myself!


I’d like to take the time to share some of the reasons females are the best:


1) We are, like, incredibly empathetic 2) We drop everything and run to be with those we love when they need us 3) We are super duper resilient – like break our hearts, silly boys, and we will come out on the other end more goddess-like ever 4) We are the most beautiful, talented people in the whole world – i.e. Kate Winslet, Adele, my mom, my bff, etc. 5) We have a secret intuition that can sniff out BS accurately 98% of the time 6) We literally expel human life from our bodies.


7) We can go much longer without showering…

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  1. Bootsandbag says:

    Great writing! this post made me laugh, feel empowered to be a woman and very hungry

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    1. So now that you’ve had all these feelings, did you run and make yourself something delicious? I hope you did!
      Thank you for your kind comment, dear!


  2. Happy Women’s day a day late.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Same to you, darling, two days late! 😻


  3. E says:

    Exactly my thoughts! “Honestly, I did not realize the other 364 days of the year are for men, but I will accept any and all excuses to celebrate myself!” ❤️

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    1. Right you are – let’s celebrate life!

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  4. Wonderful as ever, Dolly! Red Beans are best, before your repipe i only had them in chili con carne. 😉 Have a good Sunday!
    Now the temperature gets higher here, in Bavarian Siberia. LOL Michael

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you so much for your kind comment, Michael, but the credit for this recipe belongs to Rachel. I am glad your Siberian days are over – have a great weekend!


  5. Ням ням! 🙂

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