My Grandmother’s Recipes: Part 1, Round Challah.

In preparation for Rosh haShana, the Jewish New Year, I am repeating this set of my family traditional holiday recipes, starting with Part 1, and wishing you, Beautiful People, a sweet, happy, healthy, and prosperous year.


Years ago, when my grandmother was still around, it has occurred to me that only my mother and I knew her recipes, and we knew them by heart; they were not written anywhere. I decided to write them down, organizing them by Jewish holidays. Then my memories took over, plunging me into family stories, and the book acquired a life of its own, going away from the actual recipes into post-war Odessa realities.

title pageIn 1992 my son Alex (Arkady, in Russian), then a junior at Brandeis University, was awarded an Undergraduate Fellowship for translation of a collection of stories by Russian authors, compiled by Professor Inna Braude. A year later, this book was published by Hermitage Publishers, illustrated by a prominent Russian artist Alexander Okun. It is available on Amazon ( I am tremendously honored that my story made it into this distinguished line-up of authors, translated by…

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