Quiche Is Only Partly French — A Jeanne in the Kitchen

I have found a phenomenal food blogger, Beautiful People! As I read, with fascination, the history of quiche, an image of Joan of Arc formed in my imagination, accompanied by a great song:

Read on to find out why, and please remember that in Kosher cooking, the only meat used in quiches must be FAKE, AKA plant-based meat substitutes. Of course, if you also use non-dairy cheese and cream, your quiche will turn out vegan.


When we think of quiche, we automatically think of it being French. We think of it originating in France. This is only partly true. France did not officially claim quiche as part of their own cuisine until 1805. Quiche, which is a savory open flan made from eggs, cream or milk and any combination of meat, […]

via Quiche Is Only Partly French — A Jeanne in the Kitchen

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  1. purpleslob says:

    Hi Dolly!! I adore your blog so much!! And I love being called a Beautiful person! Thank you for all the love!

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    1. Dear Melinda, you are not only a Beautiful Person, but also my favorite Purple Person! Sending blessings your way!


  2. Joëlle says:

    Dolly, you have brought back memories from my first year in college when I first heard this beautiful song by Leonard Cohen! I had a friend who played the guitar and with her and another we used to sing and record ourselves! I can’t remember if we ever had quiche though…
    Thank you for sharing. You know how fond of history I am, especially when it comes to food 😊

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    1. Thank you so much, dear Joelle! I was awaiting your comment with trepidation, since you are such an expert on everything the fabulous French cuisine has to offer.

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      1. Joëlle says:

        I don’t know about being an expert, but after reading the story of quiche on Jeanne’s blog, I started thinking of the many words related to cooking that start with the Germanic K: kuchen, Kuglof / Kugelhopf. In Brittany there is a wonderful treat, eaten warm, (but alas full of gluten and forbidden to me) called “kouign amann”, meaning “cooked/ cake with butter”. So with all this in mind, I am wondering if quiche shouldn’t really be spelled “kiche” 😄?
        Again, thank you for your extraordinary kooking blog 😉!

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      2. I am blushing all over the internet, dear Joelle! In fact, I used to make little sweet rolls called “kichel” which I had to give up because I couldn’t figure out a way to make them GF and non-dairy.

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