Immersion Pie Featuring Freud, Elephants, Polar Bears, and Noah’s Ark

As we were driving home from New York, on the way back from vacation in Boston, we got caught in a torrential rain, with flood warnings broadcasted on every device but a hair dryer. We did make it safely to our next stop, thank G-d, and then home, but it reminded me of the Huston tragedy that had happened almost a year ago. Here is a simple, but delicious dessert I had created literally “in the wake” of the Huston flood.


This story was shared by Rabbi Y.Y. Jacobson, a fantastic public speaker with a great sense of humor. A renowned psychologist was giving a lecture on his theory of the flood. According to him, a myth about the flood of catastrophic magnitude has been present in every culture and religion in the world. He postulated that it was primitive people’s way of expressing their insecurities and fears for the future. He unequivocally stated that there has never been an actual flood. One of his listeners asked permission to comment.

“And what if there really was a flood? What if it isn’t a myth?” he asked.

A stunned silence enshrined the audience of professional, highly educated men. After a prolonged pause, the lecturer replied, “My teacher Zigmund Freud would ask who is stronger, elephants or polar bears. He would then answer that it is impossible to judge as they never meet…

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  1. Happily back home safe 🙂 amitiés

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