Dracula and Klyotzki Dumplings

Today’s word prompt is VILLAIN. This post will introduce you to two for the price of one: a villain and a villainness! Are you scared, Beautiful People? Have a bowl of comforting soup.


Count Dracula really existed. He was born in Transylvania in fifteenth century and ruled the province called Wallachia. His name was Vlad III, and his last name was Dracul, which means Dragon in Romanian.


He came by this name honestly, inheriting it from his father, Vlad II, who had joined a secret Order of the Dragon and assumed the name. In modern Romanian, dracul also means devil, and this translation went a long way towards inspiring all the vampire legends. Wait, but the Bram Stoker’s blood drinker is Count Dracula, whereas our man is Prince Dracul. Granted, he also wasn’t a very savory character, dispatching his enemies with extreme cruelty. His favorite execution method was impaling, for which he earned a nickname Tepes – the Impaler. Not a nice guy by any stretch of imagination, but a blood drinker? No. Anyway, what about the missing letter?



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  1. Good evening 🐞

    🐞uĞuR BöCeĞi🐞💕💋NaR-ı💋aŞK💕🐞LaDYBuG🐞💕💋FiRe oF💋LoVe💕🐞

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  2. Far out!!! LOL!!! Obviously this is a dish ftom Transylvania!! LOL!!

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    1. Isn’t it fun? Thank you, sweetheart! 😻


  3. cookingflip says:

    Lol, I enjoyed the storytelling again. Shana Tova, Dolly!

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    1. Thank you so much, darling!

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  4. Wonderful! I quickly get home feelings! Did you know, that my familyfrom the roots of my father is from Transylvania? LOL

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    1. Oh-oh! I have to be careful talking to you, then! LOL 😻


  5. Garfield Hug says:

    just want to wish you Happy Rosh Hashanah my friend and I hope you are cooking up a storm 😉 Blessings and Garfield hugs on your Jewish New Year – 21 Sept 17 – hope I am right LOL!

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    1. Thank you so much, darling, and of course I cooked up a storm – not Irma, though!
      We believe that those who bless others are blessed by Him, so you get the blessings as well! 😻

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  6. hello koolkosherkitchen its dennis the vizsla dog hay wow i do not think i wood want this vlad the impaler as a howse gest but i suppose at leest he is not an immortal unded blud drinking kreetcher!!! probly!!! ok bye

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    1. Don’t worry, dear friend Dennis, he is plenty dead; one of the Turkish sultans took care of him. No blood drinkers around my kitchen, only nice friendly cats and dogs! 😻


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