Marinated Baby Peppers

I am repeating some of my older posts for those of you, Beautiful People, who missed them the first time around.


I am from Odessa, and Odessa has always been just as multicultural as South Florida where I live now. A young and vibrant city, an important sea port on the Black Sea, a southernmost melting pot of international trade and romantic smugglers, it was a rich city, a decadent and hedonistic place, a fertile ground for culinary influences and gastronomic experiments. Fusion? We knew from fusion before the concept was invented!

Very close to Odessa was Bessarabia, a province of Romania, in 1940 “voluntarily” attached to the Soviet Union and named Moldavia, and now a separate country called Moldova. As plentiful and colorful as Odessa Privoz (the famous farm market) was, it could not compare with Moldavian markets during the summer when the fiery red Gogosari peppers  came into season.


There were many ways to prepare them, but the most popular, a traditional Romanian recipe was to marinate halves, quarters…

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