Eggplant Caviar

Repeating another one of my earlier posts. New recipes coming up tomorrow – stay tuned!


There are so many different eggplant recipes! Baked, and fried, and grilled, and stuffed, and spiced and seasoned in a myriad of ways. Truly, eggplant is the most versatile of all vegetables. And not one of those is the one that every woman in Odessa puts on her table. Ok, there is Spanish eggplant that comes pretty close, but still, it’s not the taste that we all knew and loved. So even though I like playing with eggplant in all kinds of ways, like making rollatini, or babaganoush, or stuffed pickled eggplant, and at some point in the future I’ll probably write them up and post them, but Odessa style eggplant was not called Eggplant Caviar for nothing. Taste it, and you’ll see why!

Eggplant Odessa 1.jpg

I got this lovely firm purple eggplant (in Odessa, they were called sini – the blue ones – I’ve never figured out why). While I already…

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