My Shavuos Menu

With this summary, I am signing off for two days. Happy holiday, Beautiful People! A Gut Yom Tov! Hag Sameach!


I am now taking you on a virtual tour of my Shavuos table. As I couldn’t – for obvious reasons! – take pictures of the actual table with food on it and guests around the table, I did the next best thing, rounding up collages of all five courses. Each dish is labeled and links to a respective post where you find the recipe for it. The one exception is my Gefilte Fish. I cheated, beautiful people! Certainly, there was gefilte fish on my table, but not this one. This is an old photo of the largest gefilte fish I’ve ever made, and I promise to tell The Story of Three Fishes and share the recipe before Rosh haShana. This Shavuos, I made do with store bought “fish-a-la-log” – frozen gefilte fish logs that are cooked and seasoned any which way you prefer. I was too embarrassed to…

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    1. Thank you so much for thinking of me – you rock!


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