Spicy Egg Bath for Your French Toast

From a great traveler and an immensely creative blogger Dippy Dotty Girl comes this fantastic guest post – a delicious savory variation of a French Toast that takes a very special bath…

A Dippy-Dotty Girl's Travel Tales

Savoury French Toast with chillies and onion is one of the best snack-y dishes you will have in life. Because who can say no to fried bread with some spices thrown in. If you can resist the temptation, let me know. Not that I would hang you upside down or force-feed you, okay? So do not run away, my pretty.

The idea of this post was suggested by Dolly. She wrote a post on French Toast (that rhymed and I declare myself a poet) which brings together the Romans and this fried bread dish. Being the inveterate opinion giver that I am, I had to put in my two bits on her post, to which Dolly responded with an invitation to do a guest post for her. So here I am with two slices of French Toast in my tummy, feeling like a veritable Roman gourmand and typing away whatever…

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  1. Thank you Dolly 🙂 That is a generous introduction x

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    1. No more generous than yours, and I mean it, sincerely! 🙂

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