Curried Mushrooms

As I was doing something with mushrooms today, I remembered this recipe and thought it was worth repeating for those who haven’t seen it the first time around.


Why did people in Ancient Egypt call mushrooms “the plant of immortality”? Did they truly believe that eating mushrooms would make them immune to human frailties, deceases, and ultimately, departing this world? Not really. They never had a chance to see for themselves because the pharaohs loved mushrooms so much that they declared it royal food, not to be consumed, or even touched, by anyone but the royal family. Well, the royal cooks had a hand in it, too, I imagine. Thus the pharaohs, who were considered “living gods,” were assured of an ample supply of mushrooms, and the concept of exclusivity was born (based on


In time, belief in the mystical properties of mushrooms grew – well, like mushrooms! – to the extent that palaces and temples were adorned by mushroom-shaped columns covered by hieroglyphics extolling superior abilities and inhuman strength of mushroom-eaters. There is a theory that some…

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    1. Thank you – glad you like it!


  1. [ Smiles ] I love curried mushrooms!

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    1. I wish I could e-mail them to you!


      1. [ Smiles ] Huh? You are sending me digital curried mushrooms?

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      2. If you can find a way to eat them, I’ll find a way to send them!

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        Umm.. Lemme look at the topics in doing and I’ll get back to you

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  3. sewloveable says:

    Great recipe! Love the history as well.


    1. Tgank you so mcu, I am glad you like it!

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