The Clever Suitor and the Dietetic Hamentaschen

I am still busier than a whole swarm of bees, carrying a teaching load almost double of a full faculty’s and twice as much as I am supposed to teach as an adjunct professor. As a result, I am barely making it to services tonight and tomorrow morning, and definitely do not have time to create a brand-new post for the fun holiday of Purim. Thus, I am repeating the old one, dated to the beginning of Covid. Happy and joyous Purim, Beautiful People! Hag Purim Sameach!


You have already met the famous prankster and jester Hershele of Ostropol in some of my previous posts (, He is not a fictional character; he actually existed and served as a Shamesh (synagogue attendant) for one of my illustrious ancestors, Rabbi Boruch of Medzhibozh who lived in the second half of 18th – beginning of 19th century. Rabbi Boruch, according to all records (above and beyond my grandmother’s stories) had a melancholy personality and was often prone to “spells of sadness.” It was one of Hershel’s responsibilities to cheer up the Rabbi. Once Rabbi Boruch suggested that it was time for Hershel to get married.

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“Right away!” – exclaimed Hershele, and immediately selected a nice girl from a wealthy family. When your Rabbi suggests, you don’t walk, you run to do it, especially a holy Rabbi like Reb Boruch, son of the famous learned daughter…

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  1. GP says:

    Get some rest. Sometimes you just have to say No and take care of yourself.

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    1. With all the holiday partying I don’t want to miss, rest is not even on schedule for now.
      Thank you so much for stopping by, GP.

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    1. Thank you so much, dear Patricia!

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  2. Charlee: “Busy busy busy! We want to take a nap just from thinking about everything you’re doing!”
    Lulu: “Don’t you cats always want to take a nap?”
    Charlee: “What’s your point?”

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    1. That’s what we do when Mama works – we take naps, usually on her lap or around her.
      The Cat Gang


    1. Yay – thank you!


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