Kidney Bean Lobio

We are now in the midst of nine days of mourning for destruction of the Second Temple in Jerusalem. During these days we do not eat meat or drink wine, as both are considered joyful. There are a few other restrictions, but in order to incorporate proteins in our meals, we have historically come up with a variety of vegetarian dishes. Here is one of our favorites. Enjoy, Beautiful People!


Every time I make lobio, or any other Georgian dishes (that’s a country, not a state), it reminds me not only of the majestic Caucasus mountains, but also of the unique culture of Georgian people. Militant, fiercely independent, yet exceptionally warm and hospitable to strangers, they are fond of traditional, hours-long feasts with an endless stream of various dishes, all fragrant with exotic spices, all colorful and flavorful, many with walnuts or almonds, and lots of vegetables. Georgians are famous both for their wines and for their elaborate, long-winded toasts. At every supra (feast), there is a toastmaster, called tamada, who calls the next toast. Best and most creative toastmakers are highly respected.

wine horn

The famous unbelievably delicious Georgian wines are drunk from kantsi, drinking horns, like the one hanging on my wall, presented to me by a gracious host with a disclaimer: it is really small, made…

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  1. You teach me recipes and about the customs of people around the world, and i appreciate it!

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    1. Thank you so much, dear Mimi; your kind comment is truly appreciated!


  2. LAMarcom says:

    I do so need this
    In my life!

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  3. If I can keep the state song off my mind I always think of the country first

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    1. Oh yes, it’s not the American “Georgia on my mind,” Derrick. Thank you for a pithy comment.

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  4. Lulu: “Whoo, that is one big horn! You could blow some serious notes on that! I mean, you know, if it weren’t full of wine …”

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    1. Mama laughed and laughed! She said that there is no hole on the other end, and you can’t blow, dear Lulu. It’s just hanging on wall, looking pretty because Mama never drinks from it.
      The Cat Gang.


  5. Americaoncoffee says:

    Wow, Jewish history and the Jewish foods are intense. Thanks for sharing and making me hungry.😍

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    1. LOL Thank you for understanding and commenting, darling.


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