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  1. ShiraDest says:

    wow, and thank you for telling us a bit about your friend, the lady retired Marine sergeant: she must have been one tough lady.
    yup, hated for not being a boy, but at least lucky enough to have been able to pass for one.
    And what guts!!

    Thank you for sharing (and correcting, from the film story) both of these stories, and oh, yes, the pie!

    Can I add pie to our ‘Making the World a Kinder Place through Critical Thinking and Empathy-building’ Toolbox, Dolly?
    Pie counts as building empathy, right, if one shares it?

    Stay safe, dear Dolly!
    Sending Safe Air Hugs,

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    1. Oh, you just reminded me of one of the kids we had in school, who couldn’t get the concept of division. Four boys in class, one pizza, cut into 8 slices. Izzy is trying to divide: Levy gets 2, Iyar gets 2, and I get 4. Teacher: You have to divide evenly so everyone will get the same amount. Izzy: But Eli doesn’t like pizza, so I get 4!
      Sure, pies count as building empathy, and so do chocolate cakes! LOL
      Yes, Jennifer is a tough lady, but also so very kind and very beautiful (as in beautiful soul).
      I am so pleased you liked both stories, dear Shira!
      Much love,

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      1. ShiraDest says:

        Ok, how many days left… No more flour, yet!
        I’m already looking forward to baking after Pesach!

        Sharing bread seems to be a friendship-building tool in every culture, come to think of it (unless Eli doesn’t like bread, in which case it is more for All of us! LOL!).
        Much love to you, also,

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      2. !0 days left, but5 I am switching the kitchen on Wednesday, to allow my husband enough time to kasher cast iron pots and silver serving untensils for me so I can cook all day on Thursday and clean on Friday. We are supposed to do Bedikat Chumetz on Thursday night and burn Chumetz on Friday morning, then wash for bread on Shabbat – very confusing. I am making popaliks (flat bread) for Chamotzi on Shabbat.

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  2. You teach me so much! It’s always a joy to read your posts.

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    1. Thank you so much, dear Mimi; you are so kind!

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  3. purpleslob says:

    Wow! Jennifer sounds like a superhero!!

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    1. To me she is! And a very stylish and pretty lady too.

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