Pozharski Cutlets

have been asked for some “real Russian” recipes, which I do not make very often any more. But here is one, Beautiful People, posted four years ago. Enjoy!


There was a Prince Pozharski, a famous personage who, together with a commoner Kuz’ma Minin, successfully defeated the false pretender to the throne Dimitry, rolled back a Polish-Lithuanian army and effectively cleared 17th century Russia of foreign invaders.


Here you can see the famous monument to both of them on the Red Square where sculptor I. Martos presented them as the heroes of antiquity. The inscription reads To Citizen Minin and Prince Pozharsky from the Grateful Russia.

One day, the Grand Prince of Moscow visited Prince Pozharski unannounced. The host wanted to offer such a distinguished visitor his favorite minced veal cutlets, but was informed that his kitchen ran out of veal. He promised severe punishment to the cook but meanwhile, ordered to substitute chicken for veal and keep quiet about it. The Grand Prince bought into the ruse and loved the dish. However, someone whispered something to someone else…

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  1. Sounds very interesting. Thank you very much, Dolly! Hope you have a beautiful weekend, far away from all the troubles now are again with us. Michael

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    1. Thank you so much for your kind comment, Michael. I hope the troubles stay away from us!
      Have a lovely weekend, dear friend.

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      1. Lets hope so, Dolly! Thank you too. I will transfer my working place into our basement. 😉

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      2. Is your basement safer?

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      3. Not really! Lol But without daylight, one thinks to feel better, these times.

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      4. That’s a new concept for me.

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      5. 😉 Only a little joke, Dolly! Honestly, our basement is the only area wit mural of 1,9 m thickness, and only small windows. Security first!

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      6. Sounds like a bunker, rather than a basement!

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      7. Its an old house, built with stones from everywhere, mostly from the field.

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      8. 😉 But you can not really heat it up, in winter.

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      9. That’s a problem, certainly. And your heating bills must be enormous!

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      10. They are not so high, Dolly! Some rooms we are heating traditionally with old oven.

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      11. Even more romantic!

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