Please welcome Jonathan Caswell, a poet who cleverly chronicles his life in limericks. By his own admission, Jonathan is a chef in his house. He is sharing with us his easy and delicious recipe for meatloaf. However, I have his permission to combine his recipe with my own, found at and use the photo of my meatloaf, since there is no image of his. So you get two for the price of one, Beautiful People – enjoy!

By the Mighty Mumford

Meatloaf ala Caswell,

Baked in a nine-by-twelve….

ground beef

three pounds is chief

ingredient, he can tell!

Cooked brown rice—two cups–

three eggs should be enough…..

soy sauce to taste

nothing to waste,

Mixed with your hands till enough!

Bake at three-fifty degrees,

An hour or two, yes please……

when the middle’s done

Try some,

You’ll have enough to freeze!

Jonathan Caswell

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  1. GP Cox says:

    Thanks, Dolly.

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  2. What a fun attitude to have, living your life (and doing your cooking!) in rhyme.

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    1. Yes, isn’t Jonathan wonderful! Thank you, dear Mimi!


  3. Thank you, Dolly! Will head over to read. You definitely had a big roll out of postings, the last days. 😉 I apologize for the now later re-visit. Michael

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    1. Just had some more time to dedicate to the blog. No need to apologize, Michael; we all get very busy sometimes.
      Be well and stay safe, dear friend.

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      1. :-)) Thank you for the kindness, Dolly! You too!

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