Jack-opportunist and the Magic Mushrooms

Once again, the great and wonderful Renard of https://renardsworld.wordpress.com/ graciously hosted my funky post. Enjoy, Beautiful People, and please do not take me seriously! I am from Odessa, after all.

Renard's World

Did you know, Beautiful People, that Jack, the cute little protagonist of the old English fairy tale, was a shameless opportunist? Rather than retelling the story, I’ll invite you to enjoy this little old-fashioned musical number:

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  1. While i am not a huge fan of mushrooms, i am a huge fan of watching you cook! Thank you so much for the idea of using Worcestershire sauce in place of fish sauce, it seems more readily available here.

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    1. Really? I thought it was so totally amateurish, just hanging my phone on a tripod and trying to make sure that the important parts were visible. Also, it was not the best camera angle for me by far. It made me look 20 lbs fatter than I am! You are such as sweetheart, dear Mimi!


  2. Great post – I’ve commented on it

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    1. Thank you so very much, Derrick, and thank you for commenting.

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  3. Sounds very interesting and funny too, Dolly! Will head over to read more. Michael

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    1. Thank you, MIchael.


  4. purpleslob says:

    I love your funkiness!! ❤

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    1. As I do yours, my favorite purple person!

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  5. Magic mushrooms? 🍄🍃🍄🌿🍄🌱

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    1. Not what you think, darling! Jack was an English farm boy; he didn’t live in the US in the 60’s.

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      1. Hahaha. I was thinking of “Alice in Wonderland.” 🤣🍃🍄

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  6. Oh my this look scrumptious! 🍃👌🍂

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    1. Thank you, darling!


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