Squash Thai and I

Dear Beautiful People, I was honored to have been invited to do a guest post on Renard’s World, a fabulous blog that offers a plethora of insights and helpful advice on blogging. Here is my humble contribution.

Renard's World


Once upon the time, in the magical land of Thailand, there was a crocodile lord called Chalawan who fell in love with a beautiful daughter of a wealthy merchant and abducted her. Another merchant, Kraithong, courageously challenged fearsome Chalawan and rescued the young lady. The legend of brave Kraithong was so popular that it has become connected to the traditional festival Loy Krathong, a fantastic three-day event that falls on a full moon of a 12th month by the lunar calendar.

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  1. Oh it sounds delicious. Clicking over to read more. Hugs.

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    1. Thank you so much, dear Teagan; I am so glad you like it!

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  2. Pad Thai is so good, i want to try this!

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    1. Thank you so much, dear Mimi! In New Orleans, there is no shortage of hot peppers of all kinds to add to my recipe. Enjoy yourself!

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  3. Too much noise to hear the videos, but I remember The King and I.

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    1. I was hard put to select an appropriate clip, as the entire musical is a perfect illustration to my point, Derrick. Thank you for your comment.

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  4. I mean from our floor laying, of course 🙂

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    1. I gathered as much. Unfortunately, I am too familiar with this process, as we have been through it more than once.

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  5. Sounds delicious again, even i am again on the diet line. 😉 Thank you very much Dolly, and have a wonderful weekend! Michael

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    1. But this is totally dietetic, Michael! Thank you for stopping by, and you have a great weekend, as well!

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  6. I would like a taste of this history! 🥢🍽🧂

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    1. LOL Thank you, darling! I wish I could send it to you by e-mail!


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