apple and raspberry “verrine” with yogurt and a gluten-free crumble (how-to video included)

WordPress is sometimes frustrating, don’t you agree, Beautiful People? It randomly disconnects us from bloggers we love, and I am so glad when I manage to connect with them again and catch up on what I’ve missed. Here is a delicious dessert recipe form a great blogger Joelle – lost and happily found! Enjoy!

sulfite-free cooking

Hello, dear neighbors ! If you come over for a summer meal, chances are I will end it with a light dessert that will include fruit and not require too much prep time. This is one of them. Serving it in  « verrines » (or, to put it simply, wide glasses) is very convenient when my guests have different tastes and / or different dietary restrictions. Last time I made it, one verrine had whipped cream instead of yogurt (for my brother’s sweet tooth 😊), three had regular (dairy) yogurt, one (mine) had dairy-free yogurt, and the last two had only apple sauce and raspberries. But in addition to fruit they they all included a cookie base and crumble topping, which was the only baking I had to worry about (and a minimal one at that), since both the apple sauce and the raspberries came from my trusted freezer. 


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  1. Joëlle says:

    Thank you again, Dolly! It is an honor to be on your blog 😊

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    1. My pleasure, dear Joelle; it’s an honor to be your blogofriend!

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  2. Thank you Dolly! Sounds all wonderful, and dont put weight on the body. 😉 Hope your husband is fine, but dont tell anything about WordPress. Think there are a lot of kids want to play. LoL Best wishes, Michael

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    1. Thank you so much, Michael! Have a wonderful day!

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      1. I have/ wish to thank you Dolly! What wonderful new postings. Have a wonderful day too. Michael 🙂

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      2. The credit belongs to lovely Joelle. Thank you for stopping by, Michael.

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      3. :-)) Thank you to Joelle too, and you for reposting. Michael

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      4. Very welcome, Michael!

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  3. WordPress crashes all day for me, but it’s worth trying to get into it for your blog, your delightful stories, your wonderful recipes!

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    1. Thank you so much for your kind words, dear Mimi. Is Blogger treating you better?


  4. spearfruit says:

    Great recipe and healthy! Thanks for sharring Dolly!

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    1. My pleasure, Gary! Sure beats TV dinners, right?


  5. I love nutritious and yummy yogurt. Great share!👍🍵

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