Bitten by a Chicken – Honey Chicken Bites

Busy as a – well, as a honey bee! – I am cooking yet another dish for guests coming to our sukkah to share the holiday joy with us. Enjoy, Beautiful People!


Have you ever been bitten by a chicken? No? Chicken don’t bite? Are you sure? What about figuratively, rather than literally, when a whole bunch of people, almost three million of them, got bitten, that is, obsessed, by the same idea? It happened about thirty three hundred years ago, and those people were by no means hungry. In fact, they have just escaped harsh slavery in Egypt, witnessed the entire Egyptian army drowned, accepted the Divine Law – the Torah – and were fed miraculous food, Man (Manna from Heaven). It looked like pearl barley and it tasted “like pastry baked in honey” (Exodus 16:31).


Actually, they didn’t even need sun block, as they were surrounded by a Divine Cloud that provided an equivalent of perfect climate control, in the same way as Man was the Divine Food that offered perfect nourishment. But you know human nature! The same, albeit…

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  1. purpleslob says:

    Hey Dolly, I really am still alive!! Chickens do bite!! Well, at least peck!

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    1. My favorite purple person! I missed you! Great to see you here!

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  2. purpleslob says:

    My college roommate lives in Israel now. And her oldest daughter married an Israeli.
    Sunblock is funny!! 😉

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    1. So you are getting all kinds of Israeli news now, together with the Israeli attitude?

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  3. hello koolkosherkitchen its dennis the vizsla dog hay hmm i do not think i hav ever ben bitten by a chikkin i did git ternd into wun for a wile wunse tho!!! i did not enjoy the ekspeeryense!!! ok bye

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    1. Hi, dear friend Dennis! How did you ever manage to get turned into a chicken? Did you get Harry Potter to help you? We want to know!
      Meows and Purrs, The Cat Gang


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