The Diva pasta … pasta alla Norma

This pasta recipe by a lovely blog does justice to its name! Read the history of its creation, Beautiful People, and revel in the inimitable Maria Callas’ rendition of the finest example of Bel Canto style in the very first Bel Canto opera, Norma by Vincenzo Bellini. As you are savoring delicious pasta and listening to a divine soprano, reflect upon the words of this aria: “Shed upon the earth peace created in heaven.” Enjoy!

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Pasta alla Norma comes from Sicily and, in particular, from Catania.  Rumours still abide that it was the Sicilian writer, publisher, journalist and producer of theatrical works, Nino Martoglio, who came up with ‘title’ for this pasta sauce, comparing it to the sublime of Vincenzo Bellini’s opera piece “Norma”.  It is indeed very much a ‘diva’ pasta dish for the summer, expressing itself through the ultra summery ingredients of aubergines and ripe tomatoes.  We forget that until relatively recently, aubergines and tomatoes were available only during the hottest months of the year.

While you peruse the recipe, you might want to listen to the incomparable Maria Callas, a diva herself, and her rendering of the ‘Casta Diva’ song from “Norma” on this link:

Below are the lyrics too … You can skip all this, on the other hand, and go straight down to where the photos start.

Casta Diva…

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  1. A yummy work of art!

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    1. Isn’t it! I thought it was worth sharing.


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