The True Alfredo

And now, Beautiful People, for a big surprise Not every post has this kind of a follow up – read on!


This is one of the most exciting events that have ever happened to me. Statistically, the chances of something like this happening are so minuscule as to make one believe in pure coincidence. I don’t believe in coincidences, though, so I think there is a message here somewhere.

A few days ago, I posted a recipe for Penne Tofu with Impostor Alfredo (to see it, please click here).  In my post, I mentioned the history of the famous Alfredo sauce which I pieced together from several sources, but mainly this one: .  The very next day, among other comments, I received this long and fascinating article written by the granddaughter of Signor Alfredo di Lelio – THE Alfredo! 

For the benefit of those of you, Beautiful People, who do not read long comments on someone else’s posts, I asked Signora di Lelio’s permission to post her fascinating…

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  1. spearfruit says:

    Great reading and receipe as usual Dolly.

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    1. Thank you so much, Gary.


  2. E says:

    Dolly seriously?!? THE Alfredo’s family shared this with you? How blessed and wonderful. Alfredo sauce is basically heaven on earth. Haha. So cool.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, seriously, dear Elizabeth! Isn’t that amazing? Thank you for stopping by, darling! 😻

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      1. E says:

        It’s so amazing! 🙂

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