30 Second Videos: Flourless Brownies

Here is a yummy chocolicious recipe from lovely Tamara. I love her cute 30-second videos- enjoy, Beautiful People!
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Purple Almond Wellness

As someone who can’t have any grain, I always appreciate a good dessert recipe. Now, while I haven’t actually tried this particular recipe, but I have tried others, similar to this one. It really does help with those sweet/chocolate cravings. Now, while this is paleo, it is NOT keto. There is honey in the recipe. ENJOY!

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  1. spearfruit says:

    Thanks for the brownie alternative recipe. Good choice for those who can’t terate flour. Thanks for sharing Dolly. Gary


    1. Thank you so much for your comment, Gary!


  2. Yummilicious recipe! A coffee compliment for sure.💕

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    1. Thank you for a lovely comment, and all the credit goes to Tamara and her delightful videos. 😻


  3. purpleslob says:

    Flourless brownies?? All right!

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  4. Joëlle says:

    Hello, dear Dolly, thank you for this video! I haven’t made brownies in ages… and certainly never without flour. Sounds good, have you tried it?

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    1. Not yet; it’s in my plans for tomorrow, How are you, dear Joelle?

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      1. Joëlle says:

        I am fine, on the computer right now trying to decide which photos of Tokyo I should include in my next post!

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      2. Whichever ones you post, I am looking forward to seeing them!

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  5. reocochran says:

    It is always good to shake it up and try new recipes, Dolly! I use whole wheat flour mainly, add applesauce or avocado instead of oil, (but oh, how I love butter. . . ) Thanks for this recipe link. 🎉

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    1. I love Tamara’s cute videos, but I don’t use butter at all – it doesn’t live in my house. I do use whole wheat sometimes, but most of the time I try to use white spelt as it is better for my husband. 😻


  6. Winnie says:

    Thank you for sharing as I am into low carb diet

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    1. I am happy to be of help, darling! With my husband’s weight and gluten issues, everything I cook and bake is low carb.

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      1. Winnie says:

        Wow! He’s so lucky. This is the food that helped me really lose weight.

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      2. It helped him too, and it really works. 😻

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      3. Winnie says:

        I’m glad 😉.

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