The Real Treasure of the Caribbean: Haiti, Part 3. Liberty Soup.

With this very special New Year recipe contributed by my Haitian students, I am wishing all of you, Beautiful People, a very happy year, full of joy, happiness, good health, and many blessings!


The final and the most important installment of this set of recipes (for Part 1, click here; for Part 2, click here) is unique – where else do you see a dish that symbolizes liberty? On January 1st, Haitians celebrate not only the beginning of a new year, but first and foremost, the beginning of their country’s independence, and they celebrate it by eating Soup Joumou – the pumpkin soup, or yellow soup, as they call it.


The Statue of the Unknown Maroon (runaway slave), by Haitian sculptor A. Mangones, proudly stands in front of the Presidential Palace in Port-au-Prince as a symbol of the Haitian slave revolution that won Haiti her freedom in 1804 and thus created the second independent nation after the United States. No wonder this unique historical event is celebrated by a unique dish, a combination of soup and stew, but more on the…

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  1. Liberty never tasted better!
    Happy New Year, dear Dolly!

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    1. Happy New Year to you and yours, my favorite purple person!


  2. Moony says:

    That’s a very cool and interesting origin story – come to think of it, it’s pretty amazing how Haiti was just the second nation after the U.S. to gain independence! The history behind food can really be so fascinating. Happy New Year, and thank you for this account of a dish with a noble backstory 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much for a lovely comment, dear friend, and thank you for stopping by! Happy New Year and best wishes to you!

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  3. weggieboy says:

    Best wishes for the New Year, Dolly! This looks like a winner on a cold winter’s day, and any soup/stew that includes squash and all the available vegetables you can muster is bound to stick to your ribs!

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    1. Thank you so much, Doug! Happy N to you and The Adorables!


  4. skd says:

    I wish you have an amazing year ahead too. Love your delicious blog👌😊✨

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    1. Thank you, dear Ana, and Happy New Year full of joy to you and yours!

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  5. fienao says:

    Ммммм, прям уловила аромат👌, надо приготовить)

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    1. Спасибо за отзыв, дорогая! Действительно очень вкусно, я у студентов научилась, теперь готовлю, и все пищат. С Новым Годом, с Новым Счастьем!

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      1. fienao says:

        С новым годом!!!!😘😘😘

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