The Ms. Zulu and Benji Interviews

A great blogger Doug and the two Adorables, Andy and Dougy, are making their entrance to the party – please welcome the trio!

Doug, the most conscientious guest, actually answered all eleven questions:

1. Why did you start blogging? ~ It was supposed to be a way to keep me mentally occupied when I retired, but evolved into that plus a cag blog once I got a cat for companionship after I retired. That cat died, I got another, and he died. Then I was offered Andy and Dougy, two smoke Persian kitties by a person who raised pedigree cats who knew I’d lost the second cat.

2. How do you find time for your blog? ~ I get up very early because the kitty boys think I should and I spoiled them rotten from early kittenhood. No one bothers me at 1:30 AM (except the kitty boys)! Of course, I am retired, too.
3. Do you have a blogging routine/schedule? ~ I try to complete one or more posts early in the morning. Of course, the kitty boys need to do something – anything! – so I have content to write about.
4. How long does it take you to finish writing a post? ~ Highly variable. It might be five minutes, or it could take half an hour or more, depending on the number of photos to process, technical problems with WordPress or my laptop. Sometimes, too, I don’t have anything that I find interesting enough to post about. My readers expect a little humor, a little cat photography, a little bit about the interactions between the kitty boys, who are brothers from the same litter.
5. Do you have a morning routine? ~ Yes. Feed the kitty boys, make breakfast, create my blog post or posts for the day, catch up on the news on television, then catch up with comments on my blog posts.
6. What is your favorite autobiography? ~ I generally prefer histories and the works of writers such as Harry Mulisch, Naguib Mahfoux (the correct key doesn’t work on my laptop, but is the last on =e in the alphabet…), Cees Nooteboom and Carlos Fuentes, all of whom, unfortunately, are dead
7. How many languages do you speak? ~ English fluently, Ger,man imperfectly, and can make my way through (with minimal comprehension) French, Spanish, and a few others. That said, I only claim one – English.
8. What does it mean to be a woman? ~ Since I’m not one, I can’t say!
9. Is your blog listed on your resume/linked-in page? ~ Yes, if I understand the question.
10. How do you stay in shape? ~ Walking mostly. Health issues limit me to tenderfoot level exercise.
11. Are you doing any volunteer work, if so what kind and why? ~ I’ve done volunteer work at the two local history museums, one devoted to the characters who settled the county (and they were genuine characters!) and the other devoted to military history featuring local people who’ve served in any American war. I had to drop back on this because of time conflicts with scheduled dialysis. I intend to find that time again because I enjoy history and help[ing staff local museums with their limited budgets. I’ve also driven veterans to VA facilities, though that definitely is more difficult to do because of the dialysis.

Source: The Ms. Zulu and Benji Interview

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