Shepherd Pie Light

I am repeating this post in response for Daily Word Prompt PIE.
Those of you, Beautiful People, who are of Vegan persuasion, could easily replace turkey with plant-based ground meat substitute and whisk 1/4 cup of aquafaba instead of an egg. Enjoy!


This is a light shepherd pie, so don’t expect to see lamb as a main ingredient. It’s turkey! Not only is it much healthier than lamb or beef, but it is also much cheaper, so you get to cut both dollars and cholesterol – can’t go better than that. The orange potato topping is a combination of your Bubbe’s regular potatoes and sweet potatoes which are generally considered the healthiest food in the world. So you cut on carbs as well, but at the same time, you gain on all kinds of vitamins and minerals (

Contrary to what we all know as the easiest main dish for Shabbos when you expect a crowd – just throw ground beef with some onions and maybe garlic into a baking pan and cover with mashed potatoes! – it isn’t really a shepherd’s pie. First of all – surprise! – if it’s beef…

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  1. Christy B says:

    Oohhh sounds yummy with the substitute too!

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    1. I am glad you like it, darling! 😻

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  2. Osyth says:

    Now we have to think of a new name for this. Shepherds Pie takes lamb mince and Cottage Pie takes beef mince so a turkey pie must be ….. Gobble Pie do we think? Over to you maestro and I’m sending my husband back stateside with this recipe to knock up for he and my stepson – I have to keep my motherly wifely influence even from 3,000 miles 😉

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    1. You know Doctors without Borders organization? There should be a “Mothers without Borders”!
      I am glad you like the recipe, but I’ll think we’ll leave the name as is because it’s already in the book, and the book is in its final formatting stage, and if I change one letter in it at this point, the lovely young lady in whose hands it is now will just shoot me on the spot.
      However, I love the name Gobble Pie, and, hopefully, by Thanksgiving will come up with a recipe that’ll do it justice and give you full credit both for the name and for inspiration. 😻

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      1. Osyth says:

        That peace loving girl certainly will shoot you …. I know this process only too well! Can’t wait for news on your book, btw and will bait my breath patiently for the worthy recipient of the Gobble Pie moniker 🙂

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      2. Thank you. The girl is our friends’ daughter, and she is doing me a great favor by working on the techie part of the book whenever she has time. I am waiting I patiently but I already have a different project in mind which I don’t want to start until I click PUBLISH on this one.

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      3. Osyth says:

        Everything in its time and all shall be well 😊

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      4. …and all manner of things shall be well…

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      5. Osyth says:

        My go-to calming quote ☺

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      6. We have something similar both in Hebrew and in Yiddish.

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