Zucchini Caviar from Beyond the Sea

Today is the National Caviar Day. As I don’t have time to run out and buy real caviar (the fishy one), I am repeating one of my Passover recipes. It is still caviar, right?


Tzar Ivan the Terrible was a cruel tyrant. Everybody knows that. And just like many things that “everybody knows” and thus nobody questions, the sobriquet “Terrible” should be taken with a grain of salt. Since we are in the middle of Pesach (Passover), I recommend Kosher for Passover Red Sea Salt.

Ilya Yefimovich Repin (1844 - 1930)  Ivan the Terrible and His Son Ivan on November 16th, 1581  Oil on canvas, 1885  199.5 × 254 cm (78.54 × 100 in)  State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow,  Russia

True, he did accidentally kill his son Ivan Ivanovich, but the kid had the temerity to argue with dad! You gotta have respect for your elders! However, look at the other European monarchs, his contemporaries: Henry VIII used to chop off his wives’ heads left and right, presumably considering it much cheaper than suing for divorce (I know, the Pope wouldn’t grant him a divorce, so he eventually became his own Pope – the original DIY guy). Catherine de Medici killed close to 30,000 Huguenots during the Night of St Bartholomew, and that was no accident!

Fast forward four hundred…

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  1. in says:

    Oooh, looks like a Creole dish.

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    1. Really? I am happy to hear that, I love Creole dishes!


  2. I missed this on your first post, so thanks for reposting! I just made my first round of zucchini pancakes last night; the zuke season is on!

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    1. Thank you for your kind comment! Yes, I am making oodles of zoodles as well. Do you make your zucchini pancakes with raisins, like I do?


      1. I don’t, but you have me intrigued! Mine feature zukes, basil, and onion tops and go beautifully with an Asian-influenced salad or, for last night’s meal, Venetian-inspired stuffed squash blossoms: https://twiceastasty.com/2016/06/28/zucchini/#pancake

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      2. Thanks! I will definitely be trying these. I think I could even make them with my own zucchini in December; I grate it and freeze it in bags in summer, and then in winter I drain and defrost it for the pancakes. It takes about 3x as much zucchini with all the water it loses after freezing, but the flavor’s still there–and I don’t mind a way to use up all the excess zucchini I can’t keep up with in season!

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      3. I so envy those who have “their own” this and that! We never had our own veggies but we had several fruit trees in the summer house, so summer was canning and preserve-making time.

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