Whole Wheat Blueberry Blintzes

For my vegan and non-dairy friends, here is the second part of the first main course – innovative blintzes.


I’ve been trying different recipes for healthier, no fat, low cholesterol, and – dare I say it? – non-dairy blintzes for quite some time, but somehow it wasn’t happening. None of them had that Shavuosdike tam – the taste of holiday.   Until suddenly, about two weeks before Yom Tov, my husband decided to stay home in the afternoon to work from his home office. Since this was not just a rare occurrence, but a truly astonishing never-occurring surprise, I hadn’t planned his lunch. I had to improvise in a hurry with what I had at hand that could be quick because I had to get ready to go to work. My first idea, banana pancakes, went flop when I couldn’t find even one decently ripe banana ready to be mashed up. Carrot pancakes are my thing, but he does not like plain carrots, so I was back to…

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  1. Yummy! So tasty looking! I love breakfast and brunch! Good food as your Wheat Blueberry blintzes, prompts us out of bed!😝

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    1. They should go well with your coffee and great music! Thank you for your lovely comment.

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  2. Looks good, I will try doing it next time.

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    1. Thank you so much – I am glad you like it! Please let me know how it turns out.

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