Inspired by a Blogger Appetizer

Last year I have included this great recipe into my Shavuos menu, and it was a hit! I am making it again this year. Enjoy!


New dishes make their way to my Shavuos table all the time, as long as they fit the criteria: dairy or pareve, the right colors (if it’s not the white and green combination, it should at least have some white or some green in it), and, of course, the taste. A while ago one of the great blogs I follow published a post for an unusual green looking spread called Avocado Basil Hummus. On the spot, I decided to make it and serve it to my guests.

I am grateful to Jessica of for this amazing contribution to my holiday menu. Everybody just loved it and nobody could figure out what it was! I would not presume to take a picture because it wouldn’t come close to Jessica’s gorgeous photos; therefore, beautiful people, click and go visit  Browse all her fabulous creations and see what grabs…

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  1. I love hummus!! But I’ve never heard of avocado hummus before. I always learn something new from you!

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    1. Thank you, but this is not even mine – Jessica gets the credit on this one!

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