Daikon Salad

As promised, more Shavuos appetizers coming up, and here is another one.


I am on a deadline here: Shabbos starts in less than an hour, immediately followed by Shavuos. Since my whole motivation for starting this blog was to document and share my Shavuos recipes (please see my post Hello, Beautiful People!), I’ve been cooking up a storm all week. I also took a bunch of pictures because some of those dishes are quite unusual. I promise to post all this after the holiday, but for now:

  1. Sorry, Bloggingfundamentals, I stopped doing my homework two days ago. I will catch up after Shavuos.
  2. Sorry, my fellow bloggers who have been so kind and generous with likes and comments. I would truly love to link with many of you and I am looking forward to doing it after Shavuos. Ditto for a widget Blogs I follow.
  3. In about 10 minutes, right after I finish this post, I…

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    1. Thank you, kind lady!

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