Cheese and Scallions Pie

To continue with the Shavuos menu, here is another one of our family traditional dishes – savory green, white, and golden flaky pie.


Salads are just salads, no matter how unusual and how creative they are. But here we get into the meat of our family tradition for Shavuos, if you can say that about a dairy pie. I don’t even know whether it is correct to translate it as a pie, but you can blame Google Translate for that: Pirog translates as Pie. It’s not round, it doesn’t have a crust, the filling is wrapped in flaky dough, and it looks like a deli roll up, but nevertheless, it’s a pie. Go figure.

The first time in my life I looked a cheesecake in the eye was when I came to the US. Why it is called a cake, not a pie, is another mystery, but it is thought of as a Shavuos staple, almost a symbol. I had never heard of it, and, as a curious cat, started researching. Far…

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  1. Kae Bucher says:

    Oh my goodness… looks gorgeous:)

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    1. Thank you so much, dear Kae, you are so kind!

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  2. Osyth says:

    Are the mystery of what is pie! When you get an answer please let me know … I know this as a Greek recipe. I would call it Spanokapita, I think. The story of Ruth is such a lovely one and your retelling is particularly pretty. As is the pie. Or not-pie – whatever, please save me a slice!!

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  3. Sounds amazing.

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    1. Thank you, dear Eva, I am so glad you like it!

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