Shaggy Ottoman

My dear friend Linda, the tireless DIY expert, comes to the party with her own creation, saying, “I bet your kitties would love these…” Please welcome Linda with her adorable creations!


A few months ago, when taking my doggies for a walk, I found these outdoor foot stools discarded on the curb . My bestest friend in the whole world walks with me every night with her doggie. If you’ve been following my projects, then you KNOW, I love free finds. They were in good condition. I knew sooner or later I would do something with them. You should have seen it. I was walking two doggies, and trying to carry 2 foot stools, walking down the street….hahaaa


Well, I spray painted the whole thing with  Rustoleum  Rubbed Bronze Spray paint…


I had known exactly what I was going to do with the footstool. I had recently made a rag rug that I was so happy with, you saw it here, I thought I would use a similar, but different, technique. I purchased 3 different types of yarn, in various thicknesses, hemp string, foam  …

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    1. OMG! Thank you so much! What a gorgeous cat and a beautiful photo!

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    1. Same to you, darling! Your blog is precious!

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  1. calmkate says:

    Dolly did you get my email? I’m waiting for your confirmation to post that interview, thanks

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    1. I didn’t get it, Kate. Please try again: Thank you!


      1. calmkate says:

        Ah I thought you might have gone off air again … doing that now!

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      2. Finally, we connected, and thank you again for inviting me to do the interview and for featuring my blog!
        Much love,

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      3. I am, and all is good in the world!

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      4. calmkate says:

        Had right email, so this is my 3rd attempt … maybe check your spam?

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      5. It wasn’t in the Spam; it just wasn’t there. I also lost a couple of e-mails from my son who is now in London at a conference. We have a family tradition to report arrivals, and I was going nuts when I had not heard from him, but everything is fine now, thank G-d.

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      6. calmkate says:

        I’m glad he’s okay … maybe all your blogging activity has worn the system out? lol

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      7. Nah, it’s the galactic terrorists messing up the waves…


      8. calmkate says:

        Now your blog messages are coming in duplicate … may have a virus? Worth tackling those gremlins asap …

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      9. If I only knew how…

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      10. calmkate says:

        ah wave that wand Hermione!

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