November: Sweet Potato Pie

Dear Beautiful People, this is so delightful, that I couldn’t help but share it with you – enjoy!

Lady Alicia's Cookery Booke

Gather around, children, gather round! Lady Alicia has a story to tell you about Sweet Potato Pie! You see, a very long time ago, Columbus brought Sweet Potatoes back from the New World and he said, “Wow, these are mighty delicious!” And then King Henry said, “Indeed, they are delicious! I shall have them in a pie!” And you get to eat the same kind of sweet potato pie as King Henry did. Isn’t that exciting? Now come here so I can give you a pat on the head and send you off to beddie-bye! Toodles!

Are they gone yet?

Good. Because here’s the real lowdown on Sweet Potato Pie: Sweet potatoes were considered more than just an exotic New World food. That classic pie spice blend had a very specific medicinal purpose. And why would you want to put sparrows’ brains into a dessert? Oh, the real story behind…

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  1. [ Smiles ] Most people I know love sweet potato pie.

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    1. Especially with some rum and wine…

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      1. [ Laughs ] You’ve got that right!

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      2. Stay tuned – more good stuff is coming! Now we’ll get those cranberries drunk…

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