Share and Inspire Others!

A new and very exciting program has just been released by my dear friend Esme. This promises to be great for everyone – please spread the word!


The long awaited release of our newSHARE AND INSPIRE OTHERS! Recipe Exchange eventually made it to your screen.


  • We will have a specific Theme every month, which will be announced on the 1st of each month.
  • invited.jpg to send in your favorite TRIED AND TESTED recipe for each month according to that month’s Theme.
  • Please note, this must be a self-tried-and-tested-recipe TRIED AND TESTED recipe and include the full recipe and method as well as your own picture.
  • Submit your entry for the particular month by the latest midnight Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada time on the 10th of every month.
  • If you wish to participate, please email me @ and provide me with some information on your recipe (if possible)  and dont-forget to add the links to your awesome recipe.gif  on your own  blog in the email.
  • Please also leave me a comment (NOT THE LINK) on the post…

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  1. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Dolly. All of you awesome followers are more than welcome to join up with us and follow and then participate. The more the merrier. ❤️❤️❤️ Hope to see many of your friends also participating. Let’s have fun, as on Dec 1 you will have the Christmas theme to work with.

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    1. Dear Esme, if I may make a suggestion to broaden the theme a bit (perhaps, Winter Holidays?) as as not to disqualify quite a few people, including me? I would want to share my Chanukkah recipes, for instance, and there are also people who celebrate Kwanza, as well as people who just celebrate a calendar New Year. I hope you don’t take offense!


      1. Thanks for your input. Will do so abd no offense taken.

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      2. This is teenagers’ slang; I don’t know whether they speak like that where you are.

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      3. Dolly – a lot of the kids do talk like that, and I have teenagers so it seems to rub of on me, hihi

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      4. On me first, I think!

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  2. I did not mean my own kids to be still teenagers, but we have a teenager grandson ….. I will have to watch my language 😉

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    1. No, no, it’s my language, not yours! “You the best” is American teens’ slang. It’s what my two older granddaughters say to me.


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