Coconut Salmon with Mango Salsa

Dear Beautiful People, this is a guest post I did for Curly Girl Abroad.


For today, I have another great guest post! A lovely recipe from Koolkosherkitchen. I would highly recommend to check out her blog, although it may leave you quite hungry and have you looking forward to some amazing dishes!

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  1. What a great meal…yum!

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    1. Thank you so much – glad you like it!


  2. Woo! Look at that Miami strip (I think?)

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    1. That’s Miami Beach, AKA South Beach. It’s a man-made island, as opposed to Miami which we call mainland.

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      1. Yes. I lived in Bradenton for 3 years and got to learn a little more about Florida life. Delicious coconut shrimp on Anna Maria island. I miss bike rides on Longboat Key too. Never made it to Miami but my boss loved these Cuban sandwiches she got from a gas station. They smelled like heaven and I almost gave up being pescatarian to try them! 🙂

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      2. Ah, then you don’t know the most famous Cuban sandwich called Disco Valador. It’s round, with sealed edges, and stuffed with anything you want, which doesn’t have to be meat.

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      3. That’s the one! She got ham, cheeses and I think green chiles or jalapeños.

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      4. Right, that’s a popular one. But you can have it made with cream cheese and guava paste, which is another famous combination, or anything you want.

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  3. Using real coconut sounds really yummy. Huge fan of salmon.

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    1. Oh, it was really good – it was inhaled rather than eaten! Thank you – I am glad you like it!

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