Thoughts on an Apple

Dear Beautiful People, please meet Lori Carlson and read her beautifully written, very informative, and very helpful response to my “twinny apple” charade. Do visit her blog for lots of reading pleasure!

As the Fates Would Have It

for KoolKosherKitchen’s Apple Challenge

I’ve never given apples much consideration. Well, not serious consideration. I’ve enjoyed a nice crisp apple now and again, love the flavor – sort of sweet and tangy all in one savory bite – and I love the texture too. I know of their health benefits, but as a diabetic, I also know of their harm – fructose.

Back as a teenager, there was a craze going on for diabetics. Fructose, sold in a bag of little crystals. My mom, ever the one to seek out new crazes to help her diabetes, was sold on this new sugar that was supposed to be good for diabetic use, an alternative to regular table sugar, saccharine and the latest artificial sweetener, aspartame. What she didn’t know then was that it was perhaps the worst thing she could have been consuming. And she consumed a lot of it too…

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