Stop the Train!

I am grateful to all of you, Beautiful People, who are helping us to Stop the Train! Please spread the word! And please take a moment to go on the Stop The Train Miami Beach Facebook page and click LIKE there. Remember, your LIKE is your vote!


Dear Beautiful People, help! I am posting this completely off topic and out of content urgent plea to any and all of you who care about the environment we inhabit.  I hope that at some point in your lives you will find a chance to come and visit our South Beach, this unique and uniquely beautiful man-made island with its graceful slender palm trees and mysterious old banyans, and the whisper of the ocean heard through the rhythms of flamenco guitars.


We are a small community on a very small island, and we treasure our home. We welcome tourists and, for their convenience, have peppered the city with City Bike rental bicycle stations. Many hotels now provide bicycles as well, for the convenience of their guests.  The residents mostly use bikes or scooters as well, or walk. Since the entire island is about one mile wide and nine miles long…

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