Spicy String Beans

Happy International Cat Day to Charlie and Ulysses, to Momo, to Mitsy and Meeky, to Bonny, Clyde, and Pierre, to Oreo, to the two gorgeous felines who own Ren (sorry, don’t know their names!), and to all the cats in the blogosphere! In honor of this important holiday, I am repeating an old post which introduces you not only to a quick and very healthy salad, but first and foremost, to the heart and soul of this house, Beba and Barmalei. The picture on the card in the background represents my husband and myself. A big and loving Meow to all!


Most of my pictures have some kind of cat things somewhere in the background. That’s because you can’t avoid it; anywhere you look in our house, you will see a cat or two. Or a couple of dozen. Kitchen towels and throw pillows, blown glass swizzle sticks and spoon rests, coffee cups, salad bowls, pitchers, paintings and prints – cats are everywhere! That’s not counting the two most important denizens of this place, Beba and Barmalei.


Meet Beba. In Odessa, it is short for Bella, and Bella, in Italian, means beautiful. Beba was rescued a couple of weeks later than her brother Barmalei. The wonderful ladies who rescued them had counted the litter when mama cat had them, and just kept looking for the missing tiny black and white fur ball. And tiny she was! Sick and malnourished as well, so that when they finally did find her, the vet…

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  1. lilyandardbeg says:

    What a handsome husband you’ve got there 🙂 I love string beans, and I happen to have lots freshly bought today! Must be my destiny. The salad, I mean. Yours are the only recipes I test regularly (well, it might not mean much to you, but it just proves they really are brilliant!). We’re sending lots of love and happy purring your way ❤

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    1. I had no idea you actually tested my recipes – thank you! It does mean a lot to me (if you like the outcome, that is!), and even though I did not start the blog to promote myself and/or my recipes, we all crave validation, deep down in the murky waves of our subconscious. Meow to you and yours!

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      1. lilyandardbeg says:

        Being a rebel I tend to change something last minute (I’m not good at following recipes properly) or sometimes I replace something we don’t have in the UK with something else, but I do love your recipes, they attracted me to your blog first. Then I got hooked on the stories as well (so I have also read your sushi post even though I’m not going to have a go at this particular recipe).

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      2. Being a perpetual subversive element, I am always attracted to rebels. I play around with other people’s recipes all the time, but it’s the idea that counts. Sorry, there is no story in the sushi post, even though there is quite a story behind my friendship with Linda the Sushi Lady. I was so intent on describing every detail of the process for people to be able to follow and actually learn from scratch that I skipped the story.

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      3. lilyandardbeg says:

        Well, I enjoyed reading it, the ‘story’ doesn’t have to be fabular, I guess it’s more the way you describe the world (whatever aspect of it you happen to be describing) that is enchanting and addictive.

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      4. Thank you! Although I’ve been compared to many things in my life but never to marijuana…

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