Kovakka Mezhukkupuratty (spicy Ivy gourd Fry) – Delivered by a Dabbawala!!

Dear Beautiful People! A while ago, when I discovered an amazing Indian produce store full of fascinating mysterious vegetables, I asked two fellow bloggers to do guest posts in order to share some ideas and techniques of turning those wonderful mysteries into no less wonderful dishes. Please welcome an Indian chef and amazing food artist Sumith Babu with his guest post. While you are at it, take an opportunity to visit his blog keralas.live and be astonished! Thank you, Sumith, for your kindness and your expertise!



Today’s menu in dabba (tiffin carrier) is kovakka mezhukkupuratty/  spiced ivy gourd fry, dhal, cinnamon scented rice, salad, chutneys, pappadoms and butter milk.

This is a guest post for Dolly of https://koolkosherkitchen.wordpress.com/  You can see her passion of cooking in her blog. If you have not seen her work yet, take this opportunity to visit her blog.

The word “Dabba”  means “lunch box”; “walla” means carrier or deliver man. But them together and you get “Lunch box carrier”. In this case it refers to a stackable tin box used for hot meals called the tiffin. The dabbawala was set up in 1890 to carry lunches from home to office for British administrators who would not carry their own lunches in public. Today it serves a similar function form the commuters of Mumbai – home to 17 million people.


Every day, the dabbawalas collect freshly cooked meals from their customers’ homes…

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    1. So do I! He is fantastic!

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  1. Love this one! Sumith’s creation indeed! Thank you for sharing!

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    1. Thank you for stopping by – all the credit goes to Sumith, of course! He is fantastic!

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